Our Mission

Women of IBMI (WOI) is about equality, inclusion, embracing diversity
with a focus on empowering and encouraging IBMI female scientists to take over leadership positions and stay in academia. 

WOI will also have planned events for everyone at IBMI to promote inclusion, e.g. unconscious bias training. 
The goal is to have a creative work environment, where everyone feels comfortable to work, 
increase employee satisfaction, productivity and innovation.

Who are we

Dr. Bettina Lehman

Bettina – Founder WOI

Executive Science Coordinator and Women’s representative at IBMI

I am a PhD in Virology (U of Alberta, Canada) with MBA (UC San Diego, USA), enthusiastic to create powerful female networks.

Influenced by the North American mindset, I started this club – not to fulfill the “Frauenquote” – but to truly support our female scientist on their journey to break the glass ceiling. I believe that small gestures, encouragement, and support can make all the difference and bring out the best in people. Grateful for the support by Prof. Ntziachristos, IBMI, TUM, and HMGU.


Linkedin: http://de.linkedin.com/in/bettinalehman


María Begoña Rojas López

Bego – Co-Founder WOI

PhD Student at IBMI


I am a Spanish engineer, passionate about any electronic, mechanical and physical device applied in the medical field.

Currently working on medical optoaocustic imaging and the analysis of the data, making use of new technologies such as deep learning and artificial intelligence.

I believe in a future in which women in STEM can have equal access and fair treatment and are not discriminated for any professional or personal reasons. To achieve this goal, I am actively engaged in the community and co-founded WOI.


Linkedin: http://linkedin.com/in/mb-rojas-lopez

Anna Tenditnaya

Anna – Website Manager

PhD Student at IBMI

I am a physicist from Russia who is attracted by any opportunity to make this world a little better.

My research focuses on fluorescence molecular imaging systems for endoscopy and open surgery and translation of these technologies to the clinics.

I believe that anyone needs a strong and safe community to move forward as a professional in their career as well as a human in their personal life. Nowadays, Internet media can be a powerful tool to bring people together and spread bright ideas about equality, women power and science. 


Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/annatenditnaya